Are you looking for photographers that will keep things fun and help you be present with the ones you love most?

Cause thats the whole point here right?

Meet Danielle & Dillon

Your personal hype squad behind the lens

We are Pittsburgh Wedding & portrait photographers serving fun, down to earth couples, seniors and families who want those 'stop you in your tracks' images, but also want to have fun while doing it!


We promise,

to pour everything we have into your wedding day, portrait session, or senior experience! To take the stress away from you so you can be undeniably present with the ones that mean most! Rest assured you will get to relive every detail of the day in your photos for a life time, so live this day for TODAY!! Our biggest promise to you is to create an unparalleled client experience, that makes you feel like you didn't just hire photographers, but gained life long friends!

Love is the most important thing in this world! It deserves to be documented and plastered on every wall you can find space on! We strive to capture those 'show stopper' moments that call for the biggest canvas you can buy, while still capturing those sweet tender moments in between!

(Sometimes the unplanned candids will be the show stoppers, we'll let you choose)

“The best part of this whole thing...theres two of us!
YEP, no matter what! We are prepared to never miss a moment!”

Danielle: The gal behind the scenes, the voice behind the phone. A faith filled believer, coffee loving mama, and family sanity keeper! Our editor, Part time "flyaway" fixer, Baby laughter creator, and totally willing to act a fool to get the smiles!

Dillon: Our secret weapon! A Motocross junkie, level headed realist, and undercover goofball! Our quiet, reserved, candid king! He may not talk your ear off however, his raw talent will speak all you need to hear in your gallery!

Why CDM?

When we decided to build a business we knew it was about much more than money, much more than working for ourselves, or creating our own calendar. Yes, these things are also important to us however, this business was built on the thought of combining our passions to share them with the world. We wanted to use each others strengths and balance out the weaknesses to create a business that we ourselves would love to work with, a business that would show the world photography should be fun and exciting to capture and not stressful or hectic to plan! CDM is combined Letters of our names to show the combination of strengths we bring to you at every shoot. Dillon will bring the unique style, the candids and quiet unspoken moments, Danielle will bring all the conversation, the comfortability of carefree posing, and the details you may not have thought about... This is just the beginning of that list...don't worry just leave it to us, we've got you covered!

To know us is to know the fam!


The biggest most adorable, lovable, pain in the rear you ever did see! Carter's sleeping pal and bestie to anyone willing to give attention, or treats!



In his rightful place, the center of everything! The reason for it all! The one that drives us to be better everyday! Our straight A student, third shooter, jokester, soccer star, goalkeeper extraordinaire and lover of all things Pizza!



The queen and protector of the household! Please believe our house is her house, we just live in it! The sweetest girl and best at cuddles as long as you are given the ok by dad to be her friend!


A look into our life when the cameras are charging!


Brandy & Ryan

“Danielle and Dillon photographed our wedding. I literally couldn't be happier with the way the pictures turned out! They also helped with more than just taking pictures. They had so many great ideas and they were like an extension of the bridal party!!! They were PERFECT”

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