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Senior spokesmodels teams are the perfect way to make sure your senior year and photo experience is the best it can be! You have finally made it to the last year of high school and all your hard work is about to pay off in the form of a diploma. Let's celebrate all year and kick off your high school finale with a bang!

We will only have 10 spots open for 2024 so get your application in ASAP!

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All you need to know is...

The absolute best way to get all you can out of your senior year and photo experience is to join a Spokesmodel Team. This year our senior spokesmodel applications go live on 1/15! This team that is hand selected by us to be the face of the season and share in all the fun of celebrating senior year! The team is made up of a handful of teens from the surrounding schools. Senior spokesmodels receive tons of perks including a full senior session of course, extra photos, free mini sessions, the chance to earn cash back and much more in exchange for sharing and marketing us to their peers and fellow senior classmates! If this is something that sparks interest, be sure to reach out for more info and follow the link below to apply. Don't worry it's super simple and chill, the goal here is to have a blast and share the wonderful experience with all your friends! This is most certainly going to be the highlight of your senior photo experience! We intend to make it one for the books!

2024 spokesmodel SCHEDULE


Applications go live on 1/15 and will be open until 2/15. Please see links below to submit your application or feel free to reach out and we will be happy to send it your way! (Please do not submit applications before 1/15/24)

January 15, 2024

Applications close!

Final applications are to be submitted by 2/15 and must have signature and parent info included. We want this to be an awesome experience and for it to be successful we will need to have parent involvement!

February 15, 2024

Teams announced!

We will announce the chosen teams on 3/15! Parents will be notified first and we will contact our seniors shortly after with a welcome gift! This is where the fun begins!!

march 15, 2024

Team Events!

We will hold two team events! First being a team meet and greet on Sunday 4/14. Second a team mini session on Sunday 5/12. These are the only mandatory events of the season and are going to be so much fun !

April 14, 2024/May 14, 2024


What is the cost to be on the team?

Senior spokesmodels simply pay the cost of a senior session ($500) And this is the only financial obligation ever!

What are the perks?

Our senior spokesmodels receive a number of perks that differ from year to year. These will always include free mini sessions, tons of photos, Cash bonuses for referrals that book, and group events!

What is my obligation as the senior?

Simple: Your part of being on the team includes attending the two group events, following our style guide for attire, sharing on social media, sharing us to your peers in school, sending referrals our way and most importantly having fun!

What is my obligation as a parent!

As Senior parents we want you to be involved every step of the way. This is your celebration as well. We only require permission from you and to be the only photographers you hire for senior year. However recommend that you attend the meet and greet event as well as the sessions to witness all the fun we plan to have!

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