This one is for all the high school seniors and parents!

Senior photos are one of the best things about senior year!! please Don't let them stress you out... we're here to help!

Every Senior season we get ready to kick off the fall fun and notice the same trend. Panic! This doesn't have to be the case parents!! Surprisingly enough, over the last few years we have noticed most senior parents have something in common (not all, but most) and that’s overwhelm! Just being honest here. And this is something that brings a ton of last minute rush. We get countless inquires from senior moms asking if it's too late.. are we booked, is there enough time to get the photos to the yearbook and so on. This blog is to help with those questions and get you all in the game so you can be one step ahead of all those senior year events!

How to plan your senior photos and when! 

So the thing is, if you haven’t already had a child graduate you may not be aware of the timeline of events and how soon everything comes at ya! A recent convo with a senior dad got me to thinking, a ton of parents think that if the yearbook is given out in the spring or summer after graduation they have plenty of time to prepare photos to submit. Well friends, this is the misconception that tends to whirl the panic. Most schools have a submit date for photos pretty early in the school year. For instance we live in Mars, last school year they needed all senior photos submitted by Nov. 17th in order to be printed in the yearbook. 

If you have a teen in the house going into their senior year this fall and this sets in your panics mode… don’t let it! This means we still have plenty of time to get you on the calendar and your photos back and submitted before the deadline! All you need to do is reach out and make sure we have the perfect date set and ready to go, the rest of the planning is easy!

If you have a teen who is going into junior year this fall and your reading this…. Now is the perfect time, believe it or not to grab a date for next year, especially if your teen wants fall photos! The sweet spot in timeframe to book your senior photos is in spring of junior year. I know as a mom we never want to think of these big events before we have to, our kiddos grow up way to fast. But trust me when I say this is something you want to plan ahead. Plus, if you have a teen girl you know it could take months to narrow down her outfit choices. 😂 Lucky for you mama, we have a fantastic style guide to help out with that! 

But what if my senior graduates in 2024 and i HAVEN'T done photos yet? is it too late?

NOPE! It's never too late! If you're jus a bit behind in all the events, no worries! We can totally still hold a session and get you all those awesome photos to commemorate senior year. Even though yearbook submissions are past and the end of school year is fast approaching this is a time you will always cherish and absolutely want to document! There is always the option for a full session however, we do hold several rounds of CAP & GOWN MINIS every spring. We have countless seniors from the sounding schools in the Pittsburgh area that attend these minis and always rave about how much fun they truly are. This is the perfect way to capture this special milestone or add on to your portrait session as the perfect finale! Think, cap tossing, diploma celebrating, glitter blowing and laughing till your abs hurt, yep cap and gown minis are always memorable! These are usually held within the week after graduation and the dates vary by school. So if you haven't had your senior photos done yet and graduation is coming this June be sure to reach out to chat dates and options to have those photos back before all the grad parties start this summer! (they make for perfect decor)

Want to get even more out of your senior experience!? Join a Senior Spokesmodel team!

The absolute best way to get all you can out of your senior year and photo experience is to join a Spokesmodel Team. This year our senior spokesmodel applications go live on 1/15! This a team that is hand selected by us to be the face of the season and share in all the fun of celebrating senior year! The team is made up of a handful of teens from the surrounding schools. Senior spokesmodels receive tons of perks including extra photos, free sessions, the chance to earn money back and much more in exchange for sharing and marketing us to their peers and fellow senior classmates! If this is something that sparks interest, be sure to reach out for more info and the link to our application. Teammates will be chosen in March! Don't worry it's super simple and chill, the goal here is to have fun and share the wonderful experience with all your friends! This is most certainly going to be the highlight of your senior photo experience!

Things to remember when booking your senior experience. 

  • Book ahead- this means session date, hair make up, all the things. Rushing causes stress and the key is to keep that out of the entire experience! 
  • Keep sports schedules in mind- if you don’t know their schedules ahead of time it’s a good idea to choose a Sunday. Sunrise sessions on a Sunday rarely interfere with anything. 
  • If your senior plays a sport and wants to incorporate photos on the field, tack or pool ect. We will need time to get permission and ability to enter. 
  • Location is up to you however, we are more than happy to hop on the phone and chat about your senior photo dreams to help choose a location with a vibe that suits their vision and personality!  
  • We offer cap & gown mini sessions after graduation so if your dreaming of photos in the cap & gown don’t worry that’s always a great add on and will be discounted when booked with your senior experience.