When is the best time to book your photo sessions?

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Have you been debating booking a session with us, are you dreaming of magical photos and have that perfect Pinterest shot in mind but have no idea how to achieve it? Are you wishing for show stopping senior portraits? Updated family photos (before you blink and those little babes are teens) Well, you're in the right place! This one is for you. We're gonna dive into all things to consider when planning a session, explain when to book, and the best things to think over while deciding!

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Let me start by mentioning, photography is not just about capturing images; it's about immortalizing moments, emotions, and the beauty of our surroundings along with showcasing your happiness and the amazing milestones you never want to forget. The secret to achieving breathtaking photographs often lies in an element many may overlook: TIMING. Both the time of day and the time of year play pivotal roles in creating those stunning photos you see on Pinterest. Let’s dive into why timing is crucial in achieving those photos you are dreaming of and how planning ahead with a reliable photographer can make all the difference.

The Golden Hours: Sunrise and Sunset

One of the biggest factors to consider when planning a photo shoot, especially in Pittsburgh, PA, is the time of day. The "golden hours" — just after sunrise and just before sunset — are universally recognized by photographers for the soft, warm, and diffused light they offer. This magical lighting condition enhances skin tones, minimizes harsh shadows, and imparts a dreamy glow to landscapes, making it an ideal time for both portrait and landscape photography by your Pittsburgh photographer.


Sunset, on the other hand, is known for its vibrant and warm colors, adding drama and intensity to photographs. The sky can turn into a spectacular canvas of oranges, pinks, and purples, providing a stunning backdrop for any subject. We always like to note that, we live in western PA. This means that while we can not guarantee a beautiful sunset, we can guarantee the lighting will be better this time of day no matter what the sunset has in store! 


Sunrise offers a serene atmosphere, with softer and cooler tones compared to sunset, and usually less crowded locations especially in and around Pittsburgh. It's perfect for those seeking a calm and tranquil setting for their photos, whether it's in a peaceful landscape or an urban city setting. This is the best option if you have a specific location in mind that tends to get busy in the evenings and on weekends.

Seasonal Spectacles: Choosing the Right Time of Year

While the golden hours provide the best light daily, the time of year significantly affects the backdrop and mood of your photos. Each season offers unique elements that can add to the aesthetic of your images, making the timing even more crucial when working with a senior photographer in Pittsburgh or Mars, PA.


Spring is synonymous with rebirth and renewal, offering a lush backdrop of blooming flowers and vibrant greens. It's the perfect time for romantic engagement photos or family portraits amidst the blossoming beauty of nature. whether it be barefoot in the grass or running in freshly bloomed flower fields, you really can't go wrong with spring!


Summer provides long days and warm light, ideal for outdoor adventures. Whether it’s a beach session at sunset or a lively urban shoot in the golden hour, summer offers versatility for any Pittsburgh backdrop. These are the months we can get creative with location,  everything is green and colorful but can be warm, don't be afraid to let the kiddos splash in the creek!


Fall is a favorite among photographers (especially us) for its rich colors and soft, diffused light. The tapestry of red, orange, and yellow leaves mixed with hints of the prettiest leftover greens create a stunning setting for senior portraits, weddings, and family sessions alike. If there is one thing you can count on in Pittsburgh, PA it's stunning fall foliage!


Winter, with its serene snowscapes and soft, muted tones, offers a unique setting for those willing to brave the cold. The snow acts as a natural reflector, brightening up faces and creating a beautiful, ethereal glow, perfect for dramatic beauty or a cozy vibe. Don't ever be afraid to bundle up and play in the snow during a session... these are some of our favorites. Although snow sessions are hard to plan for, when they happen they are absolutely magical!

Planning Ahead: Securing the Perfect Timing

With the knowledge of how crucial timing is, both in terms of the time of day and year, it becomes evident why booking your photo sessions well in advance with any photographer is essential. This is especially true for specific photography needs like senior photos, which are often scheduled during the busy summer months before the school year starts. These sessions usually have a timeframe set by the school yearbook submission date. That being said make sure if you have a high school senior in the house to research these dates and book their sessions well in advance to make sure you're ahead of the game!


  • Availability: Photographers’ schedules in Pittsburgh/ Mars, PA, fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons like fall for the beautiful foliage or spring for the blooming flowers. Usually these months (esp. July-October) book out months in advance.
  • Preparation: Planning ahead gives you ample time to prepare outfits, locations, and any props you might want to incorporate, ensuring an stress-free photo experience with everyone involved.
  • Flexibility: Booking early allows some flexibility to reschedule in case of inclement weather, ensuring you still get the perfect shot. As mentioned above, we live in PA the only thing we cannot predict is the day of weather so many months in advance. This is why it's always good to chat over rain dates and be a bit flexible if need be to make it easier if this situation should occur.


As we find ourselves in March and the weather is starting to warm up, it's the perfect time to start thinking about and planning your summer and fall photo sessions. Whether you’re considering senior photos, a family session, or capturing the essence of the seasons, now is the time to reach out and secure your spot and make sure you have a date that works well for your vision and busy schedule.

In conclusion, understanding the significance of timing in photography, both in terms of the best hours of the day and the most fitting season, is crucial for capturing compelling images. By planning ahead and booking your photo sessions early, you ensure not just availability but also the perfect setting and light for your photos. Remember, in photography, timing isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.