A new fur baby: Esme

Two wonderful years of marriage and growth!

And the excitement of a new addition coming in November!

We met nick and Abi a few weeks before their wedding day as we viewed their venue and heard all about the plans for their special day. The months leading up to their wedding consisted of many ups, downs and emotions but when the day came it was all totally worth it! Their May wedding was an absolute dream! The weather was beautiful, the venue was perfect, and everyone in attendance was welcoming and glad to celebrate the happy couple! As photographers we were amazed at how perfectly seamless the entire day was. You would never tell that their wedding date was moved up earlier than originally planned. It was perfection! Even more special to us was leaving Nick and Abi’s wedding feeling like we just gained a group of amazing new friends!

Fast forward two years… 

Side note: I seriously can’t believe it’s been two years already! 

The Scibetta’s are celebrating their two year wedding anniversary along with so many big milestones in their sweet little family! They recently added the most adorable fur baby to the fun, the precious Esme! AND they are now expecting a babe coming this November! 🥰  So needless to say we had a ton to chat about at their session in north park! As this is the second anniversary we have celebrated with them, we caught up as usual as they told us all about what has been happening over the last year. We ventured around a quiet, beautiful section of the park while we exchanged stories, shared laughs and played with their new pup. It is so true that time flies and it's amazing how many big changes can happen in such a short time. Catching up with some of our favorite clients/friends this way is the perfect definition of loving what we do!

Celebrating their wedding then their anniversary two years in a row has been an honor for us. However, celebrating their growing family may be our favorite venture yet. It was huge a full circle moment that brought us such joy! We are seriously honored to be a part of so many big moments for this awesome couple and that they trust us to document it all!