The first week of March is here friends!! That means we can finally reveal a big exciting announcement we have just been dying to share. 

A ton of homes in our community will be receiving this magazine within the week. This month's issue is special to us for a few reasons. First off the best part … as of this March issue we are officially the 228 Corridor Neighbors magazine feature photographers. This is a huge honor for us and our small business owner hearts are exploding!! Knowing that our work will be on the cover of a local magazine sitting on the kitchen counters of thousands of homes in the Mars/Cranberry area is a feeling words cannot describe. We are blessed to have been connected to the lovely publisher about a year ago in a business connections group. Since we met her and heard all about her local magazine we have been wanting to be apart of it. We love how they highlight local businesses and happenings and they also feature a family that lives in the area and introduce the community to their own neighbors! We have been working on the funds to put an ad in the magazine for quite some time now but hadn't made the jump.

Well friends, we always say that things work out in the perfect timing... Last month their feature photographer stepped down and an opportunity arose for us to step in as their family feature photographers and we didn’t think twice. This not only means you will see our work on the cover and the feature story, but you will also see our faces and ad throughout the pages. This is a journey we are so excited about. We have always made it our goal to bring our business further into our own community and be more involved. We see this as a big step in that direction! We can also recommend feature families to the publishers so you will be seeing some of our favorite clients and friends being showcased over the next few months! If you live in the Mars, Seven Fields, or Cranberry area and wish to be featured feel free to reach out. Every feature gets a Family session with us!!

Let's not forget the cherry on top of the whole thing! We started this journey last month and were overjoyed to find out that our first feature family is one that we hold very dear. It’s such a blessing starting off this journey with the Adrian’s as our first family to showcase! They hold a very special place in our hearts and we absolutely love seeing their faces as first ones to announce this news to you all! We got to hang with two of our favorite kiddos in their home as we took their family photos and heard all about what their feature story would include. We cannot wait until these cute faces get bless your mailboxes!! If you see them coming in your mail, just know that this family is just as sweet as they are adorable!

All we can say about this great opportunity is, Gods timing is so perfect and we cannot be more excited to start this journey with 228 Corridor Neighbors!