As we reminisce on the beautiful moments we captured on August 4th, 2023, we can't help but share the love, joy, and emotion that radiated from Gina and Aaron's wedding day. We knew right from the start of their engagement session we were going to have so much fun on their wedding day and it would be filled with love, emotion, an abundance of sweet moments. From the heartwarming ceremony at Epiphany Church in Pittsburgh to the lively reception at Wildwood Golf Club in Allison Park, this day was undoubtedly one to remember, a perfect celebration that revolved around faith, family, and the undeniable bond between two beautiful souls.

Ceremony at Epiphany Roman Catholic Church:

The day kicked off with a heartfelt ceremony at Epiphany Church, right in the heart of Pittsburgh and also the very place where Gina and Aaron’s love story began! They exchanged vows surrounded by family and friends. The atmosphere was serene, and the vows were sealed with a promise that would last a lifetime. Epiphany's alter and stunning architecture was the most magical setting for the continuance of this love story!

Scenic Portraits & Ice Cream Stops in North Park:

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their fun-loving bridal party headed to North Park for a few scenic portraits. The bluest skies and warm temperatures provided the perfect backdrop for capturing genuine joy and happiness. A spontaneous stop at Kool Cones for ice cream added a touch of unique sweetness to the day and a chance to cool off from the heat, creating memories that would be cherished for years to come.

Reception at Wildwood Golf Club:

The party continued at Wildwood Golf Club, where laughter, dance, and heartfelt toasts filled the room. The venue's elegant charm provided the perfect backdrop for a lively reception, making it a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Sweet Moments of Alone Time:

Perhaps, one of the things we adored most about this day was how this adorable couple made each other a priority even when surrounded by so many. In the midst of the festivities, Gina and Aaron made it a point to steal sweet moments of alone time. With a private prayer before the ceremony, quiet convos in the party bus and sneaking away at sunset they recognized the importance of cherishing these intimate moments and added a personal touch to their wedding timeline. These special moments allowed them to savor the significance of the day and share private exchanges amidst the joy of the celebration.

Faith and Family: The Heart of the Celebration:

Gina and Aaron embraced the values of faith and family, making them integral to their wedding day. Starting right from the beginning Gina made sure all of her sisters were completely involved. Not letting one single moment go by without each of their presence, from putting on her dress to walking into the church holding her train, her sisters were by here side every step of the way! The heartfelt sentiments shared by their parents and families added an extra layer of warmth to the celebration, highlighting the genuine happiness for the newlyweds from everyone who came and blessed their union. 

Gina and Aaron's day was a charming blend of everything you could dream of on a wedding day. As we share these snapshots of their huge smiles and overflowing happiness, we hope the love is as obvious and touching to you as it is to us.

Here's to a lifetime of continued love, laughter, and countless unforgettable moments for this lovely couple. Cheers!