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Meet Gina & Aaron!

The sweetest couple who is just simply adorable together!

When I first spoke to Gina I could immediately tell she was fun, so sweet, down to earth and so excited about this new chapter in her journey! Planning a wedding can be so much fun. When she reached out to chat about her wedding photography she mentioned that they would like to schedule engagement photos as soon as possible. Being that they were planing to tie the knot in August, they would like to design their invites with photos included. We have had a bit of hit or miss weather lately and the blooms haven’t quite arrived but decided to plan a Saturday at one of our favorite locations that we knew would create a beautiful backdrop no matter what. And we are so glad we did! 

Saturday came along and the rain was on and off all day. Gina and Aaron being the fun spirits they are, told us they will make the best of it no matter how the weather turned out. We loved this enthusiasm! As we arrived at Hartwood Acres Mansion in Pittsburgh, PA we knew this session was meant to be as we watched the sun peek out just enough to warm us up and shine some beautiful backlighting in Gina’s gorgeous curls. 

The two of them are so naturally happy and giggly together that posing and photographing them was a breeze. They kept us laughing as we got to know them and chatted about their dream wedding this August. The session flew by with ease and great conversation as we created some of the most magical photos! 

We were glad to meet so quickly after booking with us and be able to help them along the journey of planning their wedding. After getting to know them a bit we know for certain their big day will be filled with laughter and unique moments. It will be without a doubt a day to remember! We cannot wait to celebrate with them this summer!