2022 was a year we we will always remember! I know we are already in mid January but we still can't get over all the greatness that was 2022!!

As most of you know we started our business in the thick of the pandemic. In the heat of the shutdowns we took courses, learned the ins and outs of our cameras and we "opened the doors" right after the quarantine was lifted. While Dillon and I have always loved photography and taking photos this was the "dive in" moment when we decided why not turn this hobby into a career doing what we love. And what a journey it has been! We never for one second thought we would go from booking sessions with family and friends to a complete roster of amazing clients in less than a year! 😱

June of 2022 marked the start of our third year in legal business. We could have never foreseen what year three would bring and were only half way through!! This past calendar year we seen a total of 86 bookings, including weddings and almost 30 holiday mini sessions! We also had the pleasure of photographing 2 events for an awesome local fitness group, soccer games for our sons middle teams and a golf outing to raise funds for breast cancer. A cause that is very near and dear to our hearts!

I only throw numbers out there because seeing this many of our wonderful clients in one year makes us happier than we could ever explain! And we are humbled!!

Spring of 2022 started out strong

With families that were so excited to bask in the sunshine and show off their new warm weather attire. We were greeted with much more than warm spring beauty at a few of the most magical weddings with sunset photos that we will be dreaming about FOREVER!


Summer came along quick and did not let us down.

The amount of families and seniors we got to meet and catch up with in the summer months was mind blowing, the summer heat didn't put a damper on any of the spirits as we had so much fun exploring some of our favorite locations and a few flower fields that will stop your scroll on any social platform!

Our summer weddings were just as amazing. The couples and vendors were fabulous! They planned to a T and even with a touch of summer rain they all went off with out a hitch!


Fall into Winter was the biggest surprise of them all!!

Not only did the season bring us the most beautiful fall colors to photograph, it also brought us more seniors to celebrate than we can count and more holiday mini sessions than we have ever booked before! When the holidays came around and we finally got a still moment to reflect we were overwhelmed with gratitude. As we sat and looked through the number of galleries sent out filled with smiling faces and so many memories we simply couldn't believe how awesome it was! If you would have asked us almost three years ago where our business would be at the end of 2022 we would have never been able to describe it this well!


Overall our recap of 2022 brings one word to mind... GRATITUDE!

We cannot say enough how honored we are that you all have trusted us with so many precious memories and we simply cannot wait to see you again this year, Cheers to an even better 2023!

Holiday Minis