We had just been waiting to meet this beautiful couple and were counting down the days since our initial conversation!

We knew we would love Ryan and Olivia right from our initial conversation. From the story of how they found us, to the comment of "Danielle, Ryan says you are my hype girl" we knew for a fact these two were going to be the perfect clients for us! Yes, Olivia I am totally going to be your hype girl!!

The second they stepped out of the truck to meet us, the "they will be perfect clients for us" thought was solidified... they looked freakin fabulous!!! The red dress this bride to be chose might make it hard to top on the wedding day even with a gown. Not to mention, Ryan totally complimented her in his layered button up! Between the two of them passerby's probably thought this was a model session! Their second outfit was said to be "more casual" however, was just as perfect on them as the first. Let's just say these two were absolute "style guide material".

The day of their session was very chilly and windy but you can't tell a bit in the final photos. They were such troopers for us and went with everything we recommended. They kept the laughter and conversation going as if it was 75 and sunny! They even prepared ahead of time and brought along the cutest blanket with their names. It was such a great addition to the cozy vibe, and helped keep them warm of course! Attire aside, it was so much fun getting to know them and watching as their happiness shined through the entire session!

We finished off the day at a perfect location to celebrate an engagement! Olivia and Ryan shared their first date at Carnivores Restaurant in Oakmont, so what better spot to celebrate their story! We loved getting to see their excitement at a place that meant so much to them. Its always a great choice to choose a unique location and one that is sentimental to you as a couple! This also meant we got to have a first hand view of how their story began. It was the perfect ending to an amazing session! Meeting them was just as awesome as we anticipated and we are so much more excited to celebrate the I do with them this May! In slightly warmer temps!