One of the very first comments we get when talking to a mama booking a session involving little kiddos is always "I have a rambunctious little boy (or girl) I'm not sure if they will sit for photos!" Can you relate?

My answer, the secret to life with littles... "Then don't make them sit" let them stand, let them run, let them eat a waffle, let them be whoever it is they are at home on a Saturday playing in the yard. Cuz those are the moments you want to remember, that smiling, giggling, messy toddler is who you want to shine in your photos!!

Of course we all want that "frameable" shot, that one that will flood your instagram notifications and will be perfect to blow up on the smallwoods canvas for the living room but mama, forcing that little one to sit and smile for an hour is NOT the answer! Shocker? maybe, We will absolutely get you that perfect shot no matter what it takes but trust us when we say that you will love the "unposed, silly shots" just the same! We are parents ourselves so we know the struggle of toddlers (or preteens in our case.. and just as bad) they don't want to get all dressed up let alone be forced into perfect poses for an hour straight!

Our solution, we wear tennis shoes!!! no, but seriously the key to success is to trust your photographer and quick periods of posing between long periods of fun! Yep, fun! As in running, laughing, bubbles? singing baby shark, whatever it is we need to do to get those genuine, playful laughs from those kiddos! That is what makes a "frameables" in my opinion! and if the kids need a break, great thats a perfect time for me to distract them with a family of ducks swimming by while Dillon snags a snuggle shot of mom and dad! There is no rush during a family session! I wish we would have taken a behind the scenes shot while the header photo to this blog was taken. Can you picture it?.. I had little Aubrey's denim headband on while plopping a stuffed duck on Dillon's head while we all laughed! yep, thats how we roll folks!

(kinda like this mama with the duck on her head, but no where near as graceful and balanced!)

The Bowen Family is a perfect example of clients that put full trust in us and every session is pure magic! They show up dressed to impress, full of smiles and let us do the rest! Their kiddos are unbelievably cute, full of personality and.. yep, you guessed it, adorably "rambunctious" and guess what...WE LOVE IT!! We love every second of a session with them because there is never a dull moment, never an awkward silence, and never a boring gallery! We run, play, blow bubbles, even bonk each other with stuffed duckies and the outcome is always priceless!

Moral of the story here is not lower your expectations! It is have some faith, have some fun and most importantly... Trust your photographers! We send a seasonal style guide to prepare outfits, tips for toddlers, and how to prepare the kids. Read it well, choose what you are comfortable in, pack some snacks and let us do the rest! I promise you mama, you can clear the living room wall before you leave for the session because we WILL get you that shot for your canvas!!