With the season of love wrapping up, valentines in the soft distance and wedding season on the horizon, we have seen so many love stories beginning.We would like to take a moment during this season of magic to reintroduce ourselves, what it is that we love so much about what we do and most importantly what we promise to you! 

This one is for the newly engaged couple that is over the moon.. the bride to be that is still in the "omg" phase, the groom that has no idea what comes after the yes, the couple that doesn’t have a clue where to go from here. let me tell you a secret… with us, you don’t have to! Because thats our job! And the very passion behind what we are striving so hard to create! We believe your wedding Photography experience begins right at the yes! 

So in the light of beginnings let me start there! For those of you that don’t know us, I’m Danielle! I am and will most likely always be the one behind the words and the voice behind your call. Don’t worry you will meet Dillon at our first face to face but he tells me I have a prettier voice, so I'll be the one to answer all your questions! All laughs aside, Dillon and I chose to team up in this business and do every single shoot as a team for the sole reason I will be sharing here, to better serve our clients and change views in the photography world around us! Let me put it frankly, we see so many instances where clients are stressed, worried, and not looking forward to getting their photos taken…. Friends!! this is not how your photography experience should be! Plain and simple, we believe in a different approach and this is what sets us apart! 

Now, I’m extremely long winded and could keep you here all day explaining why we are so passionate about this but ill keep it short and sweet.. I absolutely love that 9 out of 10 of our clients come from a referral because this means you already know a bit about us. but what you may not know is, our 1st priority (yes, even before your photos) is your experience with us! This may come as a shock (we are photographers after all) but hear me out.. The very key to the Pinterest board show stopping shots you are dreaming of is the connection and comfortability you have with the people taking those photos.

If you aren’t having fun those smiles wont be true to you and you will not be showing up as the best version of yourself! Period! This is why we strive so hard to get to know you, we have questionnaires designed just for you, we talk on the phone, (yep, like actually on the phone! I want to hear your excitement!) we offer a complimentary engagement session to have the precious time we need to get to know you both an make sure the photos of your day reflect the two of you personally and the magical love you share! Not to mention a fool proof simple booking and payment process that will ease your mind of all the steps! Like I said, it all starts at the yes. You will research countless photographers on a bazillion sites and Facebook pages. Every couple, parent, and married friend will tell you what is most important and what you must have for your wedding day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe all these inputs are valid and helpful but friend… what I want you to keep in mind through this process is you are the ones getting married, this day is yours! You need to feel your very best and be absolutely sure you have chosen photographers that will literally be in two places at once (remember there is always 2 of us) Photographers that will laugh with you when you want to be silly, be silent when you're in those heartfelt moments, snap the candids you didn’t even know happened and capture your love story in a way you can relive it for a life time! All the while making sure the entire process is easy, fun and stress free! Right from the start! This is what a great wedding experience mean to us! 

We know that there is a million and one photographers out there to choose from but what we can promise to you is out of all the things that can become stressful while wedding planning at least your photography can be simple, you can trust us with your memories and you can absolutely expect big things! Like new friends for life! We Promise!

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